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When You Have Nothing To Lose.

As I was ahem...scrolling through social media one day, I realized that I was doing it again. I was comparing. Ever do that? I wasn't so much comparing the quality, but more so the quantity of content out there that photographers and other creators are able to share with the world. I found myself eyeing the numbers more than the art shared. Numbers of likes on posts. Number of comments regarding the post. Number of followers. Number of posts for that matter. Here I am with a studio full to the brim with all the props and cute clothes and the things, feeling essentially sorry for myself.

A kind of self-inflicted pity party ensued. Sorry for myself that I don't have my beautiful studio booked regularly. Sorry that I don't have regular new beautiful photos to share with the world. Sorry that I have meager likes, followers, all the numbers.

So I got over it and it occurred to me that I was just scared. Scared to put myself out not share a photo shoot unless I thought it was absolutely perfect. And! I realized those talented folks with all the big numbers? You know? They work for it. They post everyday in comparison to my once a week. Of course I don't have all these big numbers. The world doesn't know I'm here a part from my close friends and regular clients.

So what do I have to lose? Uh...nada. I have photos that I am very proud of and may not be super perfect, but they are a treasure to the families and to me so in a way, they are perfect. If I am serious about getting post-popular, then I need to work for it because I have nowhere to go except up. Up is good. So here we go folks. Kicking that fear and pity party to the curb and up, up, and away we go.

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