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Easter Hopping Away...

I'm considering a blog specifically designed to what-not-to-do as a photographer. Whatcha think? Sometimes I wonder if it would be a benefit to anyone, you know? So...why?

Look at this lil' cuteness. Did I plan for her session? Yes. Did I plan early enough to let the world know I offered Easter Minis to capture more Easter cuteness? Honestly, no. Really, it should be at least 5 weeks before the date of the session. I mean we all have lives, right?

So here I am, learning a valuable lesson. Plan. Plan. Plan. Easter felt as though it was ages out, and now the fun has come and gone. So what next? Mama's Day Minis!! So of course, I'm planning for those now, right?

If there is one piece of advice I could pass on to new photographers, it would be...PLAN AHEAD! It could be fun! Grab a notebook and write out or sketch ideas for future mini sessions while enduring commercials of your favorite TV show. (Eyeing just the notebook for me as I write this. :-). Oooo! 4th of July sessions! Yessssss.

Anyone else struggle with planning?



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