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The Children's Hour:ON THE NIGHT YOU WERE BORN By Nancy Tillman

Oh, how I seriously LOVE this book. I have given it as a baby shower gift countless times, always met with delightful reactions, this gem in a permanent in my fave children's book library.

This talented author has a certain magic about her that glows in her enchanting illustrations and magical, almost poetic words. A brief story that reads like a melody, it's original, heartfelt and leaves the audience feeling like a true treasure.(Isn't that we always want for our littles anyway? :)

I promise you! You'll read the last page and then you'll hear, "Again! Again!" Such a beautiful introduction to literature, if you're not given it as a gift, it's available at your local bookstore (Shout out to our wonderful Well Read Moose!) or Target AND it's available as a board book for those little hands.

Honestly, such a beautiful read. I might just move our copy to the studio for tomorrow's pre-schooler cub photo session. :)

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