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             What fun!

The more, the merrier, right?  These fun cub picnic sessions can be tailored to your preference. If a newborn or sitter session is your main heart's desire, sibling and parent photos are available during the scheduled session. 


              Full Family Session



              *2 hours at 2 locations if desired.

              *full family, parent, sibling, and                                  individual photos

              * a preview of 6 Jpeg, high-resolution                           photos within a week of the session 

              *25 high-resolution photos to choose                            from in a gallery.  

             Mini Family Session



             *30 minutes

             *Group family & sibling photos

             *1 location

             *preview of 5 photos within a week of                         the session.

             *10 high-resolution Jpeg photos with print                     release.

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  Because, why not? Want to show off baby's first two teeth?  Grandparents visiting?  Did junior take up the violin? Have a high school senior? These mini sessions celebrate your cubs' tales to cherish for a lifetime. 


                *30 minutes

                *One location

                *Preview of 5 high-resolution                  Jpeg photos.

                *10 high-resolution Jpeg                        photos with print release.




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