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So.....yeah. has been a minute since last I posted. Eek! I don't even know exactly what keeps me busy all day, the three ring circus is constantly having a show. Between one offspring finishing middle school, another flying all over the country for nursing school, summer mini session planning, garden reawakening, arranging my golden retriever's playdates (Yes. He's quite popular.)'s no wonder I keep reloading my Starbucks card. Coffee makes all things happen, right?

But...admittedly, a breather is a delicious way to reboot as well. (Okay. Maybe an iced Brown Sugar Shaken Oat milk Espresso is nearby.) I seem to be incapable of meditating, so while I am intent on chilling out for a few,I turn to an art escape. Sometimes it's sketching with colored pencils. Sometimes it's free writing (whatever comes to mind) with a bouquet of colorful, sharp tip Sharpies. And sometimes, it's playing around with my photographic images and seeing what I can create.

Composites n' digital backgrounds are not typically my thing. I drool over the talented folk who post their flawless images of wonderland on social media with a nod to their talent and my acceptance that fine tune detailing with these arthritic hands is not my God given gift.

So of course, when I needed a break & found this gorgeous thing by Neverland Digital Arts, I had to give it a go. Yup. Needs some work, but did I create something? Yes. Did I learn something? Yes. Did it inspire my fatigued artistic self? Yes. Did I relax and enjoy the process? Yes.

I may not offer composites to my clients, however, the newly discovered art form has been a fun, little adventure that somehow just makes me see a new, you know?




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