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 Hmmmm. Once upon a time, I stumbled upon a treasure.  Tucked away to be sorted through later, were boxes upon boxes of my childhood and my brothers' in faded 4 x 6's and 8 x 10 black and whites. Can you imagine?  In my hands was proof of my first birthday cake smash! We're talking quite some time ago, folks. 

So flash forward to when my pixies arrived, a camera was a part of the diaper bag adventure.  I had to capture every chubby wrist, splash in the lake, and milestone. And me being me, I enrolled in every photography course I could find to really learn how to capture quality portraiture, you know?  I relish in learning something new and soon I discovered that photography is kind of like visiting, Neverland, where anything is possible and you simply never "grow old" from the experience.

I have photographed everything, my friends, from babies, to birthday parties, to brave high school seniors, flowers, food, winter weddings, anniversaries, and more. And then?  And then I had a Christmas newborn session and that did it, folks. I just knew it was time to go back to the beginning with photographing the little ones, to capture the beginnings of their fairy tales.


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