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Tip time! You've got a phone handy, right? I'm guessing it's not far from the munchkins in your life because, like some sort of magnetic force, we are drawn to capture every moment of cuteness and every moment of, "Mom! Watch me!" Am I right? Even now, though it's no longer lining her cars up in a shape or attempting cartwheels on the wet lawn (Mmmmhmmm. You get the idea.) my "Charlie", will bring me her phone and say, "Mom! You've gotta see this!"

So this got me thinking? Why don't I share fun tips and ideas for how to take beautiful photos at home with that phone you're probably looking at right now? Let's take a cue from our rascals and expand on, "You've gotta see this!" I will post a cell phone photo tip here on "Charlie's Chalkboard," every other week and please! Yessss! If you have ideas, do share the love! Let's go!


Window wonder! Unless you've converted a moving container into a tiny home and have yet to install windows, you've got windows somewhere in your cozy den where you call home. Floor to ceiling Windows, bedroom windows, Granny's attic window, or even the window above your kitchen sink where you watch the hot stuff at work (wink), are all fair game for a natural light source. Just grab that phone, place your subject of cuteness in front of the window, have them look at you, and click. Voila! Yes! I promise you, it really is that easy. Try it this week! See what you can come up with. I bet you will surprise yourself. Heck! Even grab the cat or that steaming mug of velvety coffee and place said fur ball or mug by a window. I can almost...about...99% guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

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