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Sometimes You Just Gotta Take Pause

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

I've been photographing everything from tiny toes to prom shoes to snowfall kisses and nothing grabs hold of my heart with such a squeeze as when a little one graces my lens. I'm so incredibly fortunate to live in a beautiful resort lake town in the mountains, but those cherub pink cloud evenings? Eh. Let a landscape photographer capture those lovelies. Following a giddy high school senior through the woods as they excitedly tell you about their graduation plans? Yup. Those are fun times, but a talented teen photographer can capture those gems. As for me? I'll capture them when they start out in life. Admittedly, it took photographing for upwards of two decades to know in my soul, being a baby photographer is what steels my breath away, however, the journey only made me a more genuine, experienced, and heartfelt photographer.

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