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Live! And Let Laugh! And Let Love!

Too cheesy? But seriously! This is what I think of when I look at this photo of these absolutely dizzying, delightful little pixies.

As with most twins, one was more serious and one was more adventurous and both learned off, of each other. My studio looked like I had 10 kids in there for a photo session by the time bubbles (Yes. Bubbles were to be had.) dried and popped on the floor. And honestly, it was just SO MUCH FUN!

Hands down to their super momma who also has a wee one to share her time with as well as these two hearts. We just let the cubs explore, create, and play and yes! There were lots of laughs. (Maybe not as many photos.) Maybe more laughs than anything, but when they marched around cleaning up and loving on their momma, grandma, and sister, all I noticed was one loving family scooting on their bums down the staircase afterwards.

I can't wait to have them back!:)

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