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It's here! It's here! It's finally here! Yessss. I am a fan of the golden season. The vibrant colors? Most definitely! The fact that you can almost smell pumpkin spice in the air? Yup! Decorating the house like a golden, woodland fairy tale? Absolutely enjoy. The comfort cooking? I mean...right? The fact that I, personally, enjoy wearing more clothing as opposed to less? Hello, sweater weather. Come hither, cozy clothes and cozy toes.

Fall means it's also okay to not mow the lawn because..ya's going to be sprinkled with pine needles and dotted with pine cones anyway. So somehow this translates in my book, that it's cool...expected even, to enjoy a delish book and a steaming cup of tea curled up on the couch instead. Eh. I'll bust out the leaf blower (My fave gardening tool.) in in-between books kids of later.

Apple picking, growing pumpkins (which we are...sort of accidentally), meeting friends for decadent coffee, walking the dogs on paths laden with leaves the colors of spices, the fairy tale full moon on nights with a whispering chill, s'mores and hot cocoa over a fire pit with the neighbors on a weeknight...seriously. What is there not to enjoy? Not to warm your soul during the Autumn season?

Now go pull on that favorite sweater, brew your favorite Fall drink, and step outside. Your body will thank you. It's magic time!

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