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I know. I know. Where was this lil' cuteness last month when the world was knee deep into the holidays? Eh. The usual. Yup. That's my excuse. Family. Dinners. Often together. Shopping trips. The creating and the sending of the cards...but you know what else? The giving. Around this time of year, it just seems there are more opportunities to donate, help, contribute, you know? While my pixies have never say, helped out in a soup kitchen, they have always known choosing books, toys, coats, and clothes to donate during the season when it's suddenly brought to our attention to think of others. From the time they were little, they would choose a book (often roughly 3) to purchase and toddle on over to the donation box. I wanted them to know that while they get to receive new books, etc., it's important to share sort of speak. We may not be able to financially do a whole lot, but we certainly can do even the smallest kindness.

So here are in the New Year. Yay! Once again, I keep thinking, we could have done more. (I have a serious guilt complex. I know. I'm working on it.) We support a little girl in India. I love hearing from her, but there is so much need out there. Even tipping a little generously here and there, may mean skipping a latte for you that week, but it might have meant a great deal to the person who wasn't expecting anything, yet most likely serving you with a smile.

Gone are all the community reminders of those you can help. Gone are the news reminders of those in need. The donation boxes tucked away until next year, but you know what? Like Charles Dickens said in his classic, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." I mean, really. Why not? We're here to share this crazy experience of life with our fellow mankind. Why not just spread more kindness here and there, when we can...simply because? A laugh. A visit to that elderly neighbor you keep forgetting about. Buying the person behind you in the Starbucks line, their order; donating your garage spring cleaning to various thrift stores instead of the dumb...offering to grab something at Costco for a friend or relative if you're about to endure the crowds yourself. I think (guilt complex aside) I want my pixies to see being a productive person also means being a kind person. As we go about the new year, striving towards goals, resolutions and new adventures, I want them to also see, really see, the world around them and remember that warm, Christmas spirit.

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