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The "Littles" Make The Story

"It's all in the littles, right?" My youngest (now 14) says with absolute confidence. "Um...yeah, right! For sure!" I had said, agreeing with her at the moment, while processing how grown up she sounded. Here we are talking about a recent art project, and instead this little dinner convo had become something so much more.

These small, seemingly insignificant details were what made her art become...become something altogether more, you know? The "littles" came together to tell the story. Not too unlike what most of us do in our daily lives of creation, I think, whether it's cooking a recipe, organizing a room, spending just 5 more minutes playing with the dog...all those small details make something whole.

The unedited newborn skin flakes on a pair of teeny fingers? The "littles" baby!

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