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Buh-bye Summer, and Hellooo School Season! We had some good times, but now it's Autumn's turn to make the memories.

Like many of you, my Back-To-School custom is to photograph my cubs on the first day of school. I am not a big "poster" person, but I know a lot of Mamas n' Papas n' Grands n' folks like to post photos of their lil' Nugget because friends and family expect it, right? It's a custom!

So imagine my surprise to be asked to capture the receiving of a "schultüte" for a couple of excited kiddos? (The parents requested to keep their photos private, otherwise I would show you how darling these schultüte were.) Despite the family being American born and raised, the parents wanted to pass on the German family custom of making a kind of "gift cone" of little surprises as their kids' going back-to-school treat/tradition.

Evidently, children in Germany, who start Kindergarten, are given a schultüte and it's a really big deal! The parents literally create these large kind of ice cream cones and fill them with treats that the child opens on the first day of school. I mean, I don't know about you, but I feel deprived now.

Another Back-to-School custom I discovered is having a cake to celebrate the child's first day, regardless of the grade year. Say whaaat? How cool is that?

What are your favorite Back-to-School customs? While I love that my oldest sent selfies of her with her backpack on the first day of each year she was at college, I'm thinking I need to step it up a little. I am so going to do the cake thing when she starts grad school in January, and when my youngest starts high school down the road. Eek! I can wait though. Yup. I can wait. Sniff. Sniff. :)


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