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Updated: Feb 8, 2023

What is so stinking sweet about a baby in a bath? I don't know quite when this seemingly domestic task became a 'thing,' but I do know, it's now most definitely a must when you have a baby.

You've seen them all over Pinterest and Instagram, right? Everything from babies in beautiful kitchen sinks with rose petals floating about, to tin buckets full of apples out in the orchard. Photographers of Littles, everywhere add this gem to their portfolio of cuteness, myself included. How could we not? Look at that face?!

You would never know that this lil' cub is tiny nugget, barely able to sit and of course, curious about everything.

So what's the tip? (I must stress that mom and dad were within grasp of baby and at all times, safety was at the forefront.) A white towel underneath her little bum to keep her cozy and from slipping about as she grabbed the colorful fruit is the tip of the day. You can see the towel in this photo, off to the right. A warm bath can be fun, but a slippery affair, you know? By feeling secure, she was able to enjoy the bath and the floating goodies and for safety's sake, her parents were able to enjoy the session. And you want everyone to enjoy the session, right? I think Babes' here would agree.



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