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Confession. Eek! Um...I have a bag problem. As in, I really, very truly feel I need to have the right bag for the right occasion. Full disclosure, I donate a bag if I purchase a new one, and if I find one that I need to have, it only ends up on my arm if it's reasonably priced. (Which makes me and Amazon a dangerous combination.)

I really should find out how to design my own because I've slung a few over my shoulder through the years to know by now, where pockets should be, what's helpful or just a labyrinth of zippers, what materials feel good or clean easily, and most especially, what works for my camera gear. I know. I know. There are practically a gazillion of bags out there in the world to suit anyones' adventures, and they're beautiful! And I have a few of them, however, when it comes to being on the job, I have found going back to the "attic" sort of speak, to my original"supply" bag, diaper bags, are my gem go to.

Crazy, right?! I'm not talking that plasticky thing they send you home with from the hospital with room for a can of formula and some diapers. I'm talking the new age of diaper bags that have only been getting better and better since the dawn of diaper bag cuteness. There are backpacks for dads, satchels and totes or cute trek bags for moms, day packs, I many! So after getting exasperated with playing Tetris with the traditional camera bags and all the foamy inserts to stack up my lenses just so,...I went and dusted off Alex's old diaper bag, a stinking cute, Petunia Pickle Bottom that I used for ages, but now it was time for something new.

Introducing, The Kaome Bag 3000! I'm kidding. She's just a sweet, Kaome bag, but how cute! This little beauty was ahem...a possible, maybe Amazon find that suit my budget and had all the things and my clients adore it as do I and yeah... I'm in love.

Diaper Bag As A Camera Bag

*I photograph littles, are we at all surprised?

*The capacity to hold enough for a set of twins, makes it nice and roomy for my needs.

*The top zipper where you can expand the bag to open, makes it easy for me to dig in and grab a lens. No having to make sure the bag is lying down to unzip to retrieve a lens in the hopes that nothing falls out.

*The side interior pockets meant for diapers and things, hold my lenses and flashes perfectly, leaving room for my camera with a battery pack attached to rest comfortably in the center.

*I can still fit my iPad, a book, a blanket, change of shirt (for me) and a rattle and not have to wrestle to zip up.

*The handle or back pack options make it easy to jump from location to location.

*The rear access zipper (much like a camera bag) makes for a quick lens retrieval.

*There's a discreet front pocket for bandaids and business cards, as well as a front lower pocket that can hold battery charges and all sorts of things.

*And did I mention the included (which almost all do) changing pad? A must in my opinion for photographers. Not only can you protect your gear while changing lenses or just catching some rays while waiting for your client, but also, it works as a discreet seat cover for little bums.

*And lastly! How cute, right?! I can spot my bag a mile away, the colors and pattern are so vibrant. People don't know that I'm toting a diaper bag unless I tell them and you should see the reactions! "What a good idea!" Is the most common expression. I know, right? The Kaome diaper bag. What a good idea!

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