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Ever rearrange your life by rearranging your living space? It's commonly known in my family that the furniture in our house kind of undergo an "Alice In Wonderland" effect where I move everything from rugs to couches and see how they could fit together in a new space. When my dad stops by on Sundays, he'll chuckle and ask how long the new arrangement will last and critique whether or not the new furniture dance is functional. What can I say? I like change? (Yeah. We'll go with that.)

So naturally, it makes perfect sense to go down the rabbit-hole to change the unused playroom into my creative space, right? Art desks permanently marked with glitter and paints, shelves and shelves of beautifully illustrated books, my childhood building blocks...all loved and untouched for ages now. The space will still be used for creative expression only now as I paint the sunny yellow walls with a veil of satin white, it will be my room, a space of my own, to make my dream baby photography business come true.

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