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A "Bear" Of A Day!

Admit it, my friends, you have those days. C'mon! We all do. You know you do. (Please tell me you do.). Okay, well, I occasionally do. (Okay, maybe, possibly more than occasionally.)

Where did it start? Oh, yeah! I was completely and utterly exhausted from setting my new studio up in a week while adjusting to life with a new fur child and still fulfilling all of my other Mama, dog walker, chef, chauffeur, therapist, dutiful daughter, friend, advisor, cleaner...I could keep going, you know I can.

Anyway, exhaustion, plus a new set up, times a new client, equals highly stressful situation. (There may have been a well deserved glass of wine post stressful situation somewhere in the evening hour.). So naturally! Of course, my camera refuses to cooperate with my speed light set up and I am left frantically scrolling through the "University of Youtube" to solve the problem before the client rolls up the driveway. Que sweat beads and hyperventilation.

Result? Beautiful photos of a 4 month old, doll of an infant, shot entirely on "Manual" (of course) with window light and delighted parents. I resolved to accept the situation, set the fancy gear aside and rely on what I knew.

This is how we get things done, ladies, isn't it? We just know how to conquer. Cheers!

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