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"Isn't she lovely?" (Que tune...) Well...yes. All brides, whether they're waltzing down the aisle clad in Vera Wang or bare foot on a beach in Mom's wedding gown, are beautiful. My last wedding photo shoot, was a winter wonderland, and the snow bride was truly a delight from start to finish.

So let me back track here just a wee bit. I was asked at a dinner party this weekend, why I photograph babies instead of brides, suggesting that weddings would be more profitable. And you know? I didn't hesitate when explaining how meaning became a purpose for me...or a goal you might say, over money, and admittedly, I just have found a dreamy, soul fulfilling, deep meaning in capturing the start of a person's story. The wedding stories later, are beautifully profound. No doubt. The beginnings though? The first 'over the moon' moments? To me, capturing those stardust moments are worth their weight in gold.

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